3/30/2013    After a long hiatus with no news, I want to provide an update.  The last news I posted on this website was related to one of my final projects at Bowling Green State University during the completion of my masters degree.  I have completed my studies there, but circumstances warranted a change of career.  For that reason, I enrolled in George Mason University School of Law in August of 2010.  Since then, I have not completed any new compositions, mostly due to the time constraints involved in being a law student.  My final year of school has provided some leisure time I could not manage before, so I am currently in the process of “rebooting” my music work.  I feel that the years of repose have offered some valuable time for introspection and transformation that I hope will translate into valuable perspective when I am able to present some new completed works.  In the mean time, I have reorganized this site, trimming my works section down to a select group of pieces that I feel comfortable representing me for the time being until I have rebuilt my portfolio with, hopefully, more mature work.  Those pieces I have “removed” will be archived under “Student Work.”  I will be graduating from law school this May, and after that I will be applying for the bar and working as a full-time attorney.  As a result, there may be a significant lapse of time between updates on this page, but I intend to make these updates more often than once every three years.  Until then, my best to all of you.  DP